Will Grossman was born in Czernowitz, Moldova and grew up in Romania, Israel and Brooklyn.  He began his artistic endeavor by painting in oils and watercolors.

He has been taking photographs since he received his first Czech made camera in 1958.

“I was looking for more immediate gratification and photography seemed to suit my needs.  It all started with a college course in photography, the instructor told us to buy a twin lens reflex camera, I got a Yashica D, and go out and take pictures.”

“My first business venture was a camera store in Durham, NC.  While running the business I took time out to go around Durham, which was in transition from a city with a downtown to a city with shopping malls.  I tried to capture the downtown before it disappeared under “urban renewal”.

Grossman has had his work displayed at local art center group exhibitions and more recently in a one-man show at Through This Lens Gallery.